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This is your brain – on EMF energy – Episode 010

This is your brain – on EMF energy – Episode 010

Would you press your face to a running microwave? Or buy a house next door to an electrical sub station? Are you one of those unique people who gets sick from WiFi? Our brains and bodies are bathed in electromagnetic frequencies – from all kinds of power sources. Between WiFi and mobile phones, many of us spend every second of every day in the field of some sort of EMF radiation. As our lives become even more integrated with technology, our exposure levels go up. And it seems fair to wonder: how safe is safe?

Are there limits to EMF safety? What evidence is there that 24/7 WiFi and cell phone exposure isn’t harmful?

Government. Scientists. Industry. The experts say that most EMF we experience is safe. And it shouldn’t be a concern. But there are others who point to evidence that EMF has potential harmful consequences.

We get into the nitty-gritty of the different kinds of EMF. The weirdness of the human electromagnetic field. And the difficulty we face trying to prove the safety of the technology that many of us are addicted to.

Topics in this episode include:

  • The spectrum of EMF radiation, from gamma rays on one side to megaHerz of cordless of phones on the other
  • Low frequency electomagnetic radiation includes the electricity running through your walls
  • High frequency electromagnetic radiation includes such devices as WiFi, radio, and television waves
  • One form of energy radiation that most people are familiar with: UV light
  • A brief discussion on the different kinds of UV light and their damaging and helpful effects, and how different medications make us susceptible to absorbing more UV light than others
  • We are aware of how x-rays, UV, and other energies are dangerous, but it’s considered controversial to be too concerned about the the EMF coming from household devices
  • Some EMF creates a heating effect in human tissue with enough exposure – making it dangerous, but other EMF energy – like WiFi isn’t capable of heating human tissue making it automatically “safe” in many people’s minds
  • The possibility that microwave ovens can deplete the nutritional content of food
  • How microwave ovens super heat materials from the inside – very quickly
  • The fact that children have thinner skulls than adults
  • How an EMF advisory board has suggested the exposure of children to EMF should be limited and avoided as much as possible
  • How safety statements about household appliances apply to adults, but children’s safety is not included
  • How a lack of increase in cancer in “heavy cell phone users” is considered evidence that cell phones are safe
  • How “heavy users” of cell phones in research self-identify as “heavy users” – making it difficult to know how many hours of cell phone was actually happening
  • There is no published connection between mobile phone use and increased risk of brain cancer in the medical research
  • How the connection between smoking and lung cancer was hidden by the tobacco industry for decades – could that be a possibility with EMF
  • The Denver Study investigated connection between electrical fields from power lines, and the health of children revealing change in the body, but no known increase in cancer
  • Robert Becker, a US orthopedic surgeon who investigate the link between animal regeneration, electromagnetic fields, and stem cells in animals
  • How Robert Becker used a change in electrical current to inspire rats to start regenerating their limbs, like salamanders naturally do
  • Did the political and industrial complex shut down Becker’s experiment because it might have exposed the influence of geomagnetic fields on physiology?
  • How a 2014 review of the effect of EMF on the circadian rhythm shows convincing connection between low frequency EMF and the normal hormone cycle of the body
  • The change in melatonin metabolism in Swiss railway workers, who worked in an electrical field of less than 100 Herz on a daily basis, suggesting a change in hormone regulations in response to an electromagnetic field
  • The influence of EMF on mortality rates in leukemia cases, and the development of Alzheimer’s disease
  • How the effect of EMF on melatonin only seemed to be present in the young and middle aged, but not in those age 55 and above
  • Why you might consider shielding parts of your house from EMF, including low frequency radiation from electricity
  • How cell phones influence the shape of blood cells
  • The positive effect camping can have on sleep quality in some people
  • Is the growth of EMF and the networks that deliver high frequency energy altering the Shumanm Resonance – the natural electromagnetic radiation of earth
  • The odd effects sun flares can have on human health – including an increase in heart attacks
  • Which is more reasonable to think: the entire global network of EMF has no effect on human physiology – or that it has effects that we have only begun to understand?

Related Resources:

The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life by Robert Becker (Amazon)

Mobile Phones, Brain Tumors, and the Interphone Study: Where we now? (Environmental Health Perspectives)

Are 50/60 Hz magnetic fields carcinogenic to humans by Michel Plante, MD (commentary on the Denver study)

Influence of Electric, Magnetic, and Electromagnetic Fields on the Circadian System: Current State of Knowledge

International policy and advisory response regarding children’s exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF)

Introduction to Exploring the Spectrum by John Ott, father of photobiology (suggests full spectrum of UV light necessary for healthy life)

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