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Tactical vegan cooking with Jason Wrobel – Episode 015

Tactical vegan cooking with Jason Wrobel – Episode 015

Eaternity by Jason WrobelEvery non-vegan should own at least one vegan cookbook. And as celebrity chef Jason Wrobel’s new cookbook Eaternity starts with a milkshake recipe for a better sex life, this cookbook might be a great place to start.

Jason says cooking shouldn’t be about labeling what kind of eater you are (vegetarian, paleo, organic, etc…) – it should be about the quality, presentation, and taste of what goes into your body, and who you share it with. To that end, he’s written a jam-packed cooking and nutritional resource for everyone, that just so happens to be completely vegan.

For anyone looking to lose weight, sleep better, or increase your sex drive, Eaternity is a tactical recipe book organized around any number of goals you may have for your personal health journey.

Jason calls it a “choose your own adventure” book.

As Eternity is a vegan resource, it will help you reduce your dependence on a hormone tainted meat supply, remove dairy with potential allergens,and explore plant-based detoxing, even if you have no long-term interest in ethical veganism.

Topics in this show include:

  • Jasons Wrobel’s start in the city of the Detroit (Yes, Detroit, Detroit)
  • Edging into veganism after overcoming a personal health challenge
  • Food as fuel for something greater – why Eaternity is written with the end goal of the body’s benefit in mind
  • The importance of a technology free morning routine – Jason shares his routine for being grounded, getting more done, and feeling better about life
  • How Jason used specific nutritional testing and an eating plan to personally overcome depression
  • Addressing the issue of B12 deficiencies in vegans, vegetarians, and how even meat eaters don’t get a pass on B vitamin shortages
  • Why what we eat affects how we feel, and how we’re already eating to improve our mood, often in the wrong ways
  • Jason’s top three food ingredients for less than healthy mood boosts
  • Why we turn to snack foods in times of stress
  • The correlations between mineral deficiencies and sugar cravings
  • Why personal life change is an hormonal experience
  • Eating for better sleep: some ingredients, recipes, nutritional strategies, and other tips to get a better night’s rest
  • Jason myth-busts sleep, turkey, tryptophan, and proteins and meat
  • Alkaline versus acidic protein sources
  • Junk food veganism and junk food vegetarianism
  • Jason’s upcoming online course for implementing cooking and nutritional strategies
  • How Jason is the Taylor Swift of veganism
  • Jason Wrobel – former mid-western punk rocker, and dedicated cat aficionado
  • Eastern market and Detroit as a place for food culture revivalism
  • Jason coming to Vegfest in Novi, Michigan and Wanderlust – and other stops on the book tour

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One Response to Tactical vegan cooking with Jason Wrobel – Episode 015

  1. Great interview! Really good points, entertaining, and nice shedding of light to areas most of us are ignorant when it comes to the plant based diet. I could never say too much of Dr. Ward. Simply amazing!

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