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Surviving (new) school testing – Episode 004

Surviving (new) school testing – Episode 004

The public education system in the United States is supposed to be serving the educational needs of our children–but how well are we really accomplishing that task? And are the changes being made in that system being driven by the desire to improve the future quality of life of our children? Or are there other factors driving these changes?

Is the modern public education system setting up students for success in life?

The public education system has changed dramatically over the last few decades. But unfortunately change isn’t always synonymous with improvement.

In this episode of the Survival Value Healthcast, Dr. Zachary Ward gets an insider’s perspective on the current state of the public education system from a 35 year public education teaching veteran with a PhD in special education.

Topics in this podcast include:

  • How new standards and policies in the public education system are affecting the quality of learning for students
  • How the political environment is affecting the way we structure our public learning environment
  • Changes in the testing environment of the public education system
  • How these new testing policies affect the quantity and quality of learning students have access to
  • How the new educational bureaucracy forces teachers to put the best interests of their students behind the demand to meet artificial standards and quotas
  • Outside-the-box steps you can take to meet this new educational environment in a way that best suits the values and needs of your family

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