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Survival Value Health Cast Getting to Launch


Welcome to the first post of our podcast. We’re just a few weeks away from launching our show – with a deep line up of interesting subjects, and a few guests to expand your awareness of your personal survival value.

Here are a few shows you’ll be able to download in a short time: (Warning: some of the links on this page are not yet operational.)

Episode 1: Do birth choices affect the human gut biome? In the the age of antibiotics, most people have taken a very negative view of bacteria as it relates to human health. Research into bacteria in the digestive tract shows that bacteria of certain kinds are necessary for a healthy life. Medical choices as early as as birth can change the health of a child by influencing the kinds of gut bacteria found inside the child’s body.

Episode 2: Can you trust science? Can you trust science when it comes to your health? Is there a crisis in science? We take a crack at science versus scientism, bias versus corruption, and even discuss the spooky stuff that happens when human beings try to study life in a lab.

Episode 3: Electronics that control inflammation? Imagine a future where your anti-virus software has to protect your nervous system, not just your home computer. Or, where overseas hackers can commandeer your digestive tract. Science fiction coming alive is just around the corner with the growing field of biolectronics – implanting electronic devices into the body to treat disease and regulate body functions.

Episode 4: Surviving (new) school testing The public education system in the United States is supposed to be serving the educational needs of our children–but how well are we really accomplishing that task? And are the changes being made in that system being driven by the desire to improve the future quality of life of our children? Or are there other factors driving these changes?

Plus, look for these other episodes:

  • Is circumcision worth it?
  • Are you man or machine?
  • How to change your life in 30 days
  • Are you living in a hormone dystopia?
  • Are there real dangers to EMF?
  • Is there a real stroke risk to chiropractic?
  • How to wreck your health with a good thing

And many more.

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Hormone dystopia: artificial evolution of modern men and women? – Episode 009

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