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Sensory processing with Dayna Abraham – Episode 014

Sensory processing with Dayna Abraham – Episode 014

Some people run from a crisis. Dayna Abraham of Lemon Lime Adventures decided to build a life around it in order to understand it.

Dayna Abraham co-author of Sensory Processing 101SensoryProcessing101What could possibly make a mom leave her job as a teacher, pull her child from public school, start a blog, write a book, and start shipping hundreds of backpacks to students across America? The answer for Dayna was sensory processing disorder. These are three words that few people have heard together…but as Dayna can tell you, they are critical words for the sanity of many families who have a child with sensory processing issues.

Dayna goes one step further: she says that sensory processing is a concept that everyone should learn. Because sensory processing holds a couple of secrets that will make the behavior of all of our friends and families more understandable.

In this interview with Dayna Abraham of Lemon Lime Adventures, we talk about her book Sensory Processing 101, her Project Sensory kits, and the crisis in her son’s behavior what launched her as blogger.

Topics in this show include:

  • Sensory processing disorder: what is it?
  • What is sensory integration?
  • How Dayna knew her son Legoman was different
  • Dayna’s experience discovering Sensory Processing Disorder as a teacher
  • How we have more than just five senses, and how this affects sensory processing
  • The birth of LemonLimeAdventures.com as a place for her to write and connect on homeschooling, parenting, and sensory processing issues
  • The creation of Legoman’s first sensory kit to help him achieve a more appropriate sensory response
  • The response of Dayna’s readership to the sensory kit and the growth of Project Sensory
  • Sensory Processing Disorder vs. just bad parenting
  • Dayna’s exploration of alternative health modalities for Legoman, including upper cervical work
  • Some of Legoman’s dramatic changes with upper cervical chiropractic procedures
  • The collaboration with the PT and OT bloggers at the Inspired Treehouse to write a series on the senses, the needs of children with sensory issues, and the formation of the book
  • Some nuts and bolt description of the book, including the many activities, and exercises included
  • Why Sensory Processing 101 is a book for everyone, especially for parents and care-givers
  • How everyone has sensory preferences, not just children, and not just children with sensory processing disorders
  • The response to Sensory Processing 101
  • What’s next for Dayna? An introduction to Dayna’s new E-courses on Calming the Anxious Child

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