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How your home can make you sick – Episode 011

How your home can make you sick – Episode 011

What if your home, the pivotal part of providing for the safety and security of your family, was making you sick?

Your home is supposed to be your castle. Your place to relax, be yourself, and forget about the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Where you can concentrate on yourself and your loved ones. Are we so familiar with our homes that many of us would miss the signs that our home is contributing to our illness or loss of well being?

Is your home promoting the health and wellness of you and your family? Or are there hidden problems that are contributing to illness, allergies, and a host of other health problems that are preventing you and your family from enjoying the quality of life you deserve?

In this episode of the Survival Value Healthcast, Peter Klebes from Healthy Homes Alaska joins Dr. Anthony Rumsey to discuss exactly what constitutes a healthy home – along with some of the most common problems found in homes. In addition to his expertise as an indoor air quality specialist, Peter is a former mental health professional, and is an experienced member of the pet therapy animal community in Alaska.

We get into the reasons behind why so many homes contribute to the poor health of their occupants, how to identify whether or not your home is making you sick, and what steps can be taken to identify, test for, and solve the most common problems found in both old and new homes.

If this episode hits close to home for you, more information can be found at Peter’s website, Healthy Homes Alaska.

Or you can contact him at (907) 727-8633 – Pete is an expert you can trust.

Topics in this episode include:

  • Why very energy efficient homes are highly suspect when it comes to air quality
  • What’s behind that “new home smell”, and what you can do about it
  • The worst time of year for indoor air quality
  • Why homes in extremely hot or cold climates have the worst air quality issues
  • Peter’s ties to the shadowy underworld of the Eastman Kodak spyworld
  • Home ventilation: what it is, what it isn’t, and how it can make your home more livable
  • How to test your indoor air quality
  • How to tell if your home’s humidity levels are too high
  • The relationship between home humidity levels and hidden mold growth
  • Signs that your allergies are related to problems with mold or home air quality
  • Why dehumidifiers usually aren’t a good solution to home humidity problems
  • What to watch out for in new homes or home remodels
  • Off-gassing in new homes and how to protect yourself from volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • The ideal humidity level in your home when it comes to your health
  • The conditions in your home that promote mold growth
  • The most effective solutions to poor indoor air quality
  • What do to if your home has a “nightmare” mold problem
  • Bed-bug sniffing dogs
  • The surprising second-highest cause of lung cancer
  • Radon problems in homes
  • What you can do on your own to improve your home’s air quality


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