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How to wreck your health – Episode 012

How to wreck your health – Episode 012

Don’t you just hate it when you think you’re doing the right thing…And it turns out you’re not? What happens when you follow the rules and it turns out not to be in your best interest? We take two different perspectives on how to ruin a good thing by following the common knowledge in health and healthcare.

In what could have been a three hour episode, we limit our conversation to just a handful of ways to make your health go sideways.

Six different ways you can wreck your health – either through believing common knowledge or giving in to the faceless healthcare bureaucracy.

Topics in this episode include:

  • Giving up your autonomy to the faceless healthcare bureaucracy
  • Is it worth it to always stay in network when you choose a provider?
  • How insurance might change provider behavior
  • Several wrong ways to choose a provider
  • The lazy patient’s way to get the wrong kind of care
  • A nightmare of cancer care in Metro-Detroit
  • The healthcare industry as a demented marketplace
  • A story about getting a second opinion
  • Why your doctor is less liable than your plumber
  • Visiting the doctor as a social exchange not a market exchange
  • Why you shouldn’t be passive in your care inside a hospital
  • The worse place in the world to run if you’re trying to get healthy
  • The consequences of breathing in ultra-fine particles
  • Why you need to be increasing antioxidants if you’re think it’s smart to be training for a marathon
  • Is there a healthy sweet spot when it comes to running?
  • The worst idea that medicine has ever propagated?
  • Alternatives to thinning your blood outside of Aspirin
  • How aspirin interacts with anti-depressants
  • The secret to feeling good about yourself by making a left turn in traffic
  • How following all the rules might make you a little crazy
  • How to fight the tyranny in the little things and start a revolution

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