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How to change your life in 30 days – Episode 007

How to change your life in 30 days – Episode 007

Are you ready for a change for the better? Are you ready for a change but feel like you can’t make one because you don’t have much time, money, or whatever other excuse you might have? Then we have a challenge for you.

It’s possible to change your life –  and even change your perspective on life – in just a few short days with just a few strategies that free your mind, and your body, from the rut you find yourself in.

We asked ourselves the question: How could we change our lives in 30 days or less, while spending little to no money?

After spending a few days reflecting on what we knew about the mind and the body, we got back together with two different lists to share our top three ideas for breaking through into something life changing. That’s a total of six different methods to shake up your personal statut quo and feel better about life.

The good news about these methods: all of them are free. And some might even save you money.

The bad news: you’re going to have to listen to podcast to find out what they are.

That said, you will get some insights into the show. Without giving away too much, here are a few of the topics you’ll here in this podcast:

  • How to give your immune system a break, and even reboot your immune system
  • How to jump start your will power and focus
  • How to have a greater appreciation for everyday moments
  • A way to learn something new that can get you outside your comfort zone, without feeling uncomfortable
  • How to socialize and meet new people, without necessarily focusing on socializing and meeting new people
  • How to find more energy at the end of the day
  • A daily practice that helps you avoid self-pity and helps you to count your blessings
  • A daily practice that will help you see the good in what is around you
  • What you can get from your public library to increase your daily motivation for living life
  • A daily practice that will help you look back at the recent past and feel greater happiness – no matter what has happened to you
  • A way to access a stream of consciousness that can help you gain insight into yourself
  • A method for communication that helps you get outside of your own head and make deeper connections with everyone – from the most important people in your life, to the guy serving you at the deli
  • A method for regaining control of your own thoughts and help you eliminate the chatter that’s occupying a good portion of your conscious mind, and even your subconscious mind
  • The most powerful step you can take inside your own home to stop wasting time, and spend more time on the things that really matter

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