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Hormone dystopia: artificial evolution of modern men and women? – Episode 009

Hormone dystopia: artificial evolution of modern men and women? – Episode 009

We’re experiencing an artificial hormone evolution. Or is it a hormone revolution? The concentration and distribution of hormones in both males and females is changing. What’s causing this change? And what does this shift mean for men and women, society and culture?

Despite what you learned at your last workplace sensitivity training, there are real differences between men and women. Some subtle. Some powerful. Those important and cherished (sometimes hated) differences are the result of the way hormones control the growth, development, and mental and physical functions of the human body.

Falling testosterone levels in men, precocious puberty in girls, and a loss of fertility are just some of the problems that are part of this artificial evolution.

Is this hormonal dystopia inevitable? Or are there steps you can take to prevent this unhealthy trend?

We discuss the factors that may be contributing to these hormonal imbalances. And the steps you can take to protect your health and the health of your family.

Topics in the podcast include:

  • Falling testosterone levels in men
  • Increased levels of infertility
  • Precocious puberty in girls
  • What are estrogens and what are xenoestrogens?
  • Are we going the way of the honey bee?
  • Does bitter beer pucker more than just your taste buds? The danger of India Pale Ales
  • The neurological, biological and social implications of endocrine disruption
  • Xenoestrogens and other estrogen-imitating pollutants in the environment
  • PCBs, BPAs, Phthalates -the unholy trinity of xenoestrogens in the age better life through chemistry
  • The “triple-threat” of hormone disruption in our food supply – and the stockyard animal that may be the most tainted
  • The significance of a cow that produces 5,300 lbs of milk per year vs. one that produces 20,000 lbs of milk per year
  • Why are men and women getting fatter?
  • Why doubling your fat may mean doubling your hormonal imbalance
  • The consequences of fooling women into thinking they’re pregnant for years at a time
  • Birth control in your water supply
  • The “quantum” effects of hormonal balance between husbands and wives
  • And Dr. Rumsey’s formal announcement of the end of natural human reproduction

Related Resources:

The Natural Testosterone Plan for Sexual Health and Energy by Stephen Herrod Buhner (Amazon)

Buhner discusses the relationship between hops and hormones: There is a well known condition in England – Brewer’s Droop – that occurs from middle-aged brewers’ extensive handling of hops plants. The plant chemistries readily transmit through the men’s skin just as they did in the young women in the fields.

The controversial “sperm count beef study”: Semen quality of fertile US males in relation to their mothers’ beef consumption during pregnancy [Full Text]

The response to the “sperm count beef study” disputes study method by scientists associated with beef industry

CDC finds measurable pthalate levels in the body of the general population (higher in women) – but doesn’t confirm harmful effect

CDC scientists find BPA in the urine of nearly all tested by CDC, indicating widespread exposure to BPA

CDC confirms BPA affects reproductive organs of animals but cannot confirm human effect

US Agency for Toxic Substances (CDC) says nearly all Americans exposed to PCBs remaining in environment (PCB fact sheet)

ScienceBlogs takes on the rBGH controversy and says “don’t worry be happy” – while rBGH remains banned in many countries

Whole milk raises somatotropic hormone concentrations in prepubertal children after one month

High intakes of skimmed milk, but not meat, increase serum IGF-I and IGFBP-3 in eight-year-old boys

Organic milk producer’s statement on bovine growth hormone

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee’s School of Freshwater Sciences have detected traces of coffee, birth control pills and antibiotics in Lake Michigan’s waters

Can Birth Control Hormones Be Filtered from the Water Supply?

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