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Do birth choices affect the human gut biome? – Episode 001

Do birth choices affect the human gut biome? – Episode 001

In the the age of antibiotics, most people have taken a very negative view of bacteria as it relates to human health. Research into bacteria in the digestive tract shows that bacteria of certain kinds are necessary for a healthy life. Medical choices as early as as birth can change the health of a child by influencing the kinds of gut bacteria found inside the child’s body.

C-Section and the Human Gut Biome – is there a connection?

Babies and bacteria. Most people love the first and fear the second. In this first episode of the Survival Value Healthcast we discuss some of the latest evidence that shows that a healthy human existence isn’t one that’s sterile and bacteria free.

In fact, a healthy start to life is one that requires exposure and even colonization by a heavy dose of a large variety of bacteria from the moment of birth.

The modern birthing process, despite all of its advances, may be robbing infants of this healthy colonization process – making them susceptible to many health problems, in the immune system, and eventually even in areas like metabolism (weight control) and mental health.

Topics in this podcast include:

  • What is the digestive tract and what is the human gut biome?
  • How humans are colonized by bacteria in the birthing process – including a discussion of natural childbirth from a dad who has seen it six times
  • How Caesarian section appears to interrupt the colonization process
  • The notable differences in the gut bacteria of infants who are born through natural childbirth and those born via C-section according to a research review published in 2015 in Frontiers of Pediatrics
  • How the widespread use of antibiotics is relatively new in human history and is only a few generations old
  • The “things are too hygienic theory” as an explanation for the growing rate of allergies
  • How the indiscriminate use of antibiotics can also impact the health of the human gut biome in children
  • The story of a girl with a yeast infection on her skin, and her response to probiotics
  • The importance of probiotics as a source of gut biome support
  • The need to research standard birth practices to prepare for first time parenthood
  • How other recommended health procedures require investigation and can be treated as optional and not required
  • A discussion of risk in making healthcare choices, including a discussion of mothers being tested and treated for Group Strep B
  • How there are widely varying cesarean rates between hospitals in the same region
  • How you can research the cesarean section rate of the hospital in which you’ll birth – if you are not birthing at home or in a free standing birth center

Related Resources:
External influence in early childhood establishment of gut microbiota and subsequent health implications

Caesarean rates by region and hospital according to cesareanrates.com

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