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You are invited to listen in as two alt-health doctors belly up to the internet and have a conversation about what’s facing you as a first world health care consumer.

The Survival Value Health Cast is the self-indulgent outlet for upper cervical chiropractors Dr. Anthony Rumsey and Dr. Zachary Ward.

We don’t quite know where it’s all going. But we’d love to have you along for the ride as we try to make sense of first world problems, and the unique challenges of living in a technologically modern society that wants you to be fat, tired, and addicted to dopamine delivery systems.

A world that is constantly overwhelming our evolutionary programming and undermining the rules humans have lived by for thousands of years.

And we do it all, with a little bit of the wit and wisdom of the chiropractic perspective on health and well-being.

How did the show start?

After many late night weekend discussions about life, liberty, and the pursuit of health – often over a strong India Pale Ale – it occurred to us to move our conversations to the middle of the day, and record them for future generations.

Unfortunately sans beer.

We shared the recordings with a few family and friends who decided it was entertaining enough to not turn it off in less than 10 minutes. We knew we were onto something.

So we added a fancy intro – set up a schedule – even booked a few guests – and put our show online to see how it would sit with you.

Tell us what you think and make any suggestions for future shows or guests you might like to hear. And if you want inside information on any other stuff we do before anybody else, then subscribe to our email newsletter.

As we’re both running busy practices, trust us when we say you won’t hear from us very often, but when you do, it’ll be worth it.